Electric Disco (ELASTIK) by Ueberschall


Electric Disco (ELASTIK)

Description: grooves from the golden age of music.

Electric Disco is a mix of contemporary house music and the 1970s sound. for disco melodies, distinctive bass lines in electronic dance music, extravagant pads and synths, cool pianos, and fashionable guitars. All of it is dance music. Whether you're at home, on your bike, or in the disco, these sounds are just what you need to give your next production a French twist. Electric Disco has everything necessary to succeed.

Electric Disco is made up of ten huge kits that were recorded at a 116- to 122-beat-per-minute dance tempo. The library's 3.3 GB of sample content includes about 700 loops and samples. Each set consists of three or four main pieces, each with its own intro, end, or sometimes both, as well as additional drum samples for increased versatility. Because individual loops can last up to 30 seconds, a wide range of performances are possible.

Instruments include, but are not limited to, acoustic and electric pianos, electric guitars (Strat and Telecaster), electric bass (Fender Precision, Jazz, and Musicman Stingray), synthesizers, electronic drums, pads, strings, organs, vocals, and sound effects. In addition to pre-mixed drum loops, a combination of individual drum loops for the kick drum, snare drum, hi-hat, cymbals, toms, shakers, conga, tambourine, and cowbell are provided, making it simple to create the ideal drum mix for your project.

Electric Disco is the best option for busy media composers who want to incorporate contemporary Disco elements into their latest musical theme. Only your own vocal melody is required to create your next dancefloor performance with Electric Disco.

The best plugin for making contemporary music is the Elastik player. Each loop in Electric Disco comes with key and tempo information, making it easy to find and immediately incorporate into songs. The ReTune algorithm provides the highest quality for changing the key and scale of any tonal loop. In a single browser, all libraries can be compared to one another and mixed and matched.

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