Berlin Strings EXP D First Chairs 2.0 by Orchestral Tools -(KONTAKT)

Get the principal players of Berlin Strings and enter the Earth of a first-rate string quintet for finest, most intimate compositions. With Berlin Strings First Chairs 2.0, we offer a fully overhauled update of the previous instruments (Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello). We made try to establish and improve the legato work for correct playability. On top of this, we are grand to announce that we backed up our effect with a brand untried, wondrous solo Bass. We were vigorous to triumph one the most solo Bass players from Berlin who produces a surprising, characterful tone for our collection – the missing part of the entangle. 

Use the whole to add life and sort – normal bed them on top of huge josh arrangements. It formula an integrated whole when using it with the Berlin Strings or Metropolis Ark Collections. But also on their own the first scold gamester employment together perfectly as a bedroom string article – hear to Sascha Knorr’s „Flying Across the Gallery“ to get an impression of the possibilities. The First Chairs were reciting at their orchestral seating positions at the completely square Teldex Scoring Stage. Instruments (Solo): Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Cello, BassBased on CAPSULE for Kontakt. First Chairs works as a halt-alone group and does not destitution Berlin String's force, probably all other Berlin Series collections.

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