ATOM v2.0 by Audiomodern kontakt

atom 2

hello and welcome to Atom is our new virtual instrument for contact and made for advanced animatic film and game sound design.

in Atom you can find more than 180 sound sources like a beam path massive percussion with dents on an impressive cinematic effect go to a big variety of Fabian sounds and ring sequences [Music] focus of the timber and the most possibilities of organic recordings and digital processing techniques our target is to spark your creativity here you can choose the preset sound and navigate through the different presets of bottom you can click let the write or navigate from the drop-down menu we wanted to keep the as smooth and friendly user interface for the selection of our presets, each preset is a combination of one or two sound sources that can be selected on and off by this button here in every single layer you can choose the same sound sources and combine them for merely unlimited mix and match combinations each layer contains several settings to tweak the sounds.

 here we can find the main volume tune from transposing the sound through an octave and fine-tune from microtonal tuning we also add an equalizer for its layer if you can turn the equalizer on and off or jump directly to the equalizer page here you can set your equalizer parameters also you can find a reset button if you make reference back to the initial state in the bottom of each layer you can find an envelope and a VU meter from the mix menu you have also access to the global LFO filter mode and master settings in the LFO setting you can choose between sine triangle square Soto and rudder waveform you can sing the LFO movement here you can choose the amount of rate in the filter page you can turn on and off the low-pass filter adjust the cutoff and resonance and use the filter envelope below this is the performance mode here you can choose between monophonic polyphonic legato and portamento in the master section.

 you can find the main volume pan and compressor layer one and two effects choosing between layer one and two and a different page appear with a dedicated effect for each layer separately or linked [Music] in this page you can find another variety of different effects you cannot filter lowpass highpass vampire starter effect unison to add some extra forces in your son say a widening Kourosh below file with noise volume and main analog model and overdrive Utley presets if you want to save the setting and the sound you create it you can do this by pressing the button here and load it for this button here setting by pressing the reset bottom.

 in the arpeggiator page you can found the arpeggio two one and two for each layer separately or link them together you can also save and load any sequence you created and use it with a different preset for example here we can see the steps set the volume or tune each step in the arpeggiator setting you can find six different modes in five different octave modes from here you can choose the playback rate and the gate last from this small menu you can initialize the sequence here any sequence or use the rhythm button to create complex Reed's Atom is the result of two years of research combine the knowledge of more than eight sound design professionals.

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