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Angel Strings Vol 1

Vol. of Angel Strings 1 or Dex is a brand-new orchestral strings library that takes samples of previously sampled articulations and techniques and pushes them even further. First, let's take a look at the user interface. Vol. of Angel Strings There are three main NKI files in 1: Runs and Tremeloes allow you to play sequenced fast alternate bowed measured tremolo by holding down notes and chords that will lock into your doors tempo. Boat trill sounds like a natural oscillation, which is a very interesting and unique effect [Music] Suhel Monticello is the opposite of salt; When the bow is played very close to the bridge, it makes a harsh sound with a lot of harmonics that are very distracting. Additionally, there is a salt Pont tremolo articulation; When paired with songs and chords, the bends, which are small synchronized slides, become very interesting; Last but not least, there is an additional shorts articulation, a salt ass toe staccato, in a patch that ended up sounding very classical or baroque unintentionally. This Peccato articulation is a massive 15 round-robin. Take a look at some of the articulations in this Rises SFX patch. Rises has two distinct attacks: a gentle attack that is sampled across each section of each string and a more severe attack.

Glissos that fall on the notes you play are referred to as dive bombs or dives. Playing the small section of string behind the instrument's bridge creates some very unpleasant tones known as the trem bridge and sus bridge. Over-pressing the strings causes the scratched home sound. The mod can be used to crossfade a number of dynamic layers here. The instrument's percussion sounds, such as taps and other knocks, are also included.

We will then move on to the third and final ski, the Tremeloes and runs. There are two ways to express this: a good alternative to the spiccato in the previous NKI is a straightforward bowed runs technique that can be played normally on a keyboard. You can use the timed tremolo articulation by selecting it and holding down a chord for a slightly tighter sound. You can alter the slider's velocity using the sequencer on the right.

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