AD037 Kombinat Tri 3.1.0 byAudio Damage VST, VST3, AAX, AU WIN.OSX.LINUX


AD037 Kombinat Tri 3.1.0 byAudio Damage

Different Kinds of Distortion: You can mix and match 13 additional crookedness and tone-design algorithms in Kombinat Tri, and each of the three tie-securing options comes with its own selector. Kombinat Tri is capable of covering all the nonsense without adding unnecessary complexity, from the sly pipe-manner quotation to the disgusting distortion delay of the Nerd Rage algorithm.

The Kombinat Tri is a comprehensive and unrivaled business because it has 13 distinct parameters in each of the three crookedness engines. Do you want to combine ring modulation with hill frequencies, calm tube clipping with middle frequencies, or a bit subjugation algorithm with high frequencies? No issues.

The Kombinat Tri is capable of producing intricate and one-of-a-kind correctness because each of the three perversion engines has 13 distinct parameters. Are you interested in applying a reach reduction algorithmic program to the highs, a cost-effective telescope snippet to the mids, or a characteristic girdle brogue to the grave frequencies? No issues.

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