Xfer Records - Serum Serum FX v1.34 , (NO INSTALL)

Release year / Date : 04.2021

Version : 1.0

Developer : Xfer Records

Format : VSTi / VST / AAX

Bit depth : 64bit

Tablet : serial key

System requirements : Windows 7 or higher

 Description : 

Serum-a fantasy wavetable synthesizer, with an extremely top-notch sound, visual, and imaginatively arranged interface, has an inherent wavetable proofreader so that making music is definitely not a monotonous interaction. The synthesizer has an immense number of wavetables, and obviously the capacity to make your own. A harmony generator that offers up to 16 voices and permits you to deftly change the volume-to-youngster proportion between them. The sound is vivacious and in particular current. 

Cthulhu - A genuine titan in arpeggio creation and a beast of harmonies! More than 150 manufacturing plant harmony presets are incorporated, permitting you to make a practically limitless number of conceivable musically sounding harmony movements. 

LFOTool-will deal with approaching sound just as produce a flood of MIDI messages to control different instruments. This extraordinary module likewise permits clients to make their own LFO bends and shapes and is furnished with many presets to rapidly accomplish the ideal outcomes.


1. Unpack the archive to any convenient place on your PC, for example: "D: \ NO INSTALL \"

2. Uninstall the old software version (save banks, presets, and developments) *.

3. Run the Install cmd file.

4. Installation is complete! Have nice work!

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