WAM Solo Strings Bundle 3.0.1 - Audio Modeling S STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX x64

Audio Modeling

 Information: SWAM Solo Strings is a collection of products that includes SWAM violin, SWAM viola, SWAM cello, and SWAM double bass. Developed using Digital Waveguide Synthesis (Prof. Julius Smith - Stanford University) combined with synchronous wave acoustic modeling technology.

These virtual instruments are the perfect combination of the most innovative performance techniques and physical and behavioral modeling ideas. Despite its small size, it produces the ideal organic consistency typical of traditional instruments, SWAM Solo strings are so lightweight and do not include all samples.


- general sound improvements

- small improvement on CPU load

- added OpenGL render option in the settings page. Possibility to switch GUI render mode between GPU and CPU (Desktop only)

- exit from main GUI mapping mode after 50 seconds prevent exiting from mapping mode on internal pages and Controller Mapping page

- restyle of internal pages: better look & feel for tabbed pages

- renamed “Pizzicato Tone” to “Pizz / C. Legno Tone”

- renamed “Pizzicato Polyphony” to “Pizz / C. Legno Polyphony”

- added Key Switches B + F and B + G for Pizz / Con Legno Polyphony

- moved “ Instruments ”parameter under“ Timbre ”

- reorganization of“ Advanced ”parameters

- improved MIDI input selection view, especially with several ports listed


- Installers: made a typo

- fixed LinnStrument MIDI Preset

- fixed Keyboard ModWheel + AT MIDI Preset

- fixed vibrato detection for MPE mode: expression is more smoothed when using pitch-bend to perform vibrato

- fixed note range when changing String tuning parameter

- fixed NKS keys color

- Panic: set also Sustain to OFF

- Control Surface: save X / Y parameters status (iPad)

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