Studio One 5 Professional v5.2.0 BY PreSonus - (NO INSTALL)


Studio One 5 Professional v5.2.0

News: Record, produce, mix, master, and execute everything from one intuitive application. Designed with ease of use in mind, Studio One® 5 is your creative partner from studio to stage. The start page provides everything you need to get started with your creative process, including a dashboard with all your songs, projects, and shows, as well as a personalized user profile that lets you add your own metadata to all of your creations.

In this assembly, the following components are integrated into the program:

PreSonus Channel Strip Collection v1.0.8

PreSonus Fat Channel Collection Vol.1 v1.0.2

PreSonus Pro Console CTC-1 v1.0.0

PreSonus Audio Batch Converter v1.0.0.2

Presonus Presence XT Editor v1.0.0.1

PreSonus Studio One 5 Reference Manual English v5.2.0.0

PreSonus VU Meter v1.0.5

Softube Saturation Knob v1.3.13.0


================================================== ===============

Instructions for installing Studio One 5.2.0 No install

========================== ========================================


Place the Studio One 5.2.0 Noinstall.exe file in the root directory of the disk and unpack it to the desired folder.

Preferably not very deep, for example, D: \ NO INSTALL

All paths should be in English only !!!

================================================== ================

Run the file: 1. Studio One 5.2.0 Create SymLink.cmd

The script writes blocking in the host's file and adds a ban on incoming connections to the firewall.

A shortcut is created on the desktop.

Run the program and register with StudioOne_Keygen.exe (\ R2R folder)

================================== ===============================

Studio One 5 No install is compatible with earlier versions of the program.

If you have not previously installed Studio One 5, and there is a 4th, 3rd or 2nd version installed,

then after activating Studio One 5, you will need to reactivate the old program with a license

generated by a new keygen.

================================================== ================

If you are using Studio One 5.1.0 No install, then all settings are copied

from the folder: \ Studio One 5.1.0 No install \ AppData \ Roaming \ PreSonus \ Studio One 5

to the folder: \ Studio One 5.2.0 No install \ AppData \ Roaming \ PreSonus \ Studio One 5

You do not need to copy the Extensions folder.

We delete old symlinks, create new ones.

We launch the program. We generate licenses.

================================================== ================

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