Spectrasonic Omnisphere 2.6.1d POWER SYNTH + Omnisphere Soundsource Library 2.6.1c + Omnisphere Patch Library 2.5.1c STANDALONE / VSTi, AAX / Only for Windows ™ OS × 64 bit


Spectrasonic Omnisphere 2.6.1

Spectrasonics was heavily involved in the development of the Omnisphere 2.5 POWER SYNTH synthesizer, a brand-new line of modern virtual instruments designed for professionals. This epic synthesizer is built on cutting-edge sound technologies. It combines a wide variety of novel hybrid synthesis techniques with In-Real-Time capabilities, a large library of psychoacoustic sounds, and numerous novel features and technologies that have never been seen before. neither in the synthesizer's software nor hardware. The Omnisphere 2.5 POWER SYNTH Synthesizer, the most recent offering from Spectrasonics, is based on the patented STEAM engine, which serves as the basis for all of the instruments' performance functions. The multitimbral STEAM engine, which comes with each instrument, has a lot of powerful control and hybrid synthesis features. The technology, which is based on the most recent STEAM engine, is able to run new operating systems and 64-bit applications with high performance and dependability. The STEAM engine ensures that each Spectrasonics virtual instrument functions correctly. This is not your standard synthesizer; Instead, it is a sonic bomb with a massive internal library and additional libraries developed by Spectrasonics that provide you with thousands of brand-new and diverse sounds!!! Everyone has a wonderful time!

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