Slate Digital - FG-X VST, AAX x64


Slate Digital - FG-X

Steven Slate Drums are one of my favorite Slate products. I've been subscribing to your channel since the beginning, and although I'm more of a metalhead, your advice easily transcends genres. Graham, keep it up!

Your settings are good, but there are too many controls that cause distortion. If you want to hear the low-end distortion that the three controls add, it's best to solo just the low end with a band-pass filter. Transient clipping and harmonics appear to be some of the apparent dynamics. The FGX occasionally distorts and behaves abnormally, requiring me to reload the session before it can be fixed. The unit's compressor is the source of the anomalies. Multiple songs have the same issue. I use a different compressor as a result. The Slate products sound great, so I'm not upset.

I have the FG-X, but because I use Waves Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain, IMPusher, J37, and Ozone 8, I never really gave it a chance. I appreciate your making this video.

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