Reflekt Audio - TXR1 AUi, WIN,OSX, VSTi, x86 x64

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Reflekt Audio - TXR1
Drum Machine with FX. TXR1 is a rhythm-based prodigy plugin that holds a wide range of rough and crunchy kettledrum specimens, including heavy 808s, gin, foot, bowler, percussion, and more. Let me explain how the TXR1 modify from other drum plugins currently available. TXR1 has three modes to choose from:

I bet you're content, admirable another VST drum plugin. Let me tell you why the TXR1 is separate from the other drum plugins that are ready on the mart. TXR1 comes with 3 different plugins trick out as you can see in the idol furnish. The 3 tricks you get are a Groover Mod, a One-Shot Mod, and a Blend Mod, all on other graphical user interfaces.

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