Pro Tools HD BY Avid - x64

Avid - Pro Tools HD


Information: Meant for designs that require maximum music quality and performance, this software allows you to create, record, edit and mix for large productions quickly and easily. Whether you're creating music or sound for a painting, the right tools can help you achieve high-quality mixes faster. Pro Tools 10 is the next generation of the best-sounding, most widely used software in the audio production industry, allowing you to record, create, edit and mix with speed and ease.

Open yourself up to new opportunities! Pro Tools redefines the globe's most popular, most advanced music and audio production platform, giving you what you need and much more than you've asked for.

Work with or without an audio interface. Create great, best-sounding mixes by more tracks, open your workflow to build projects in other audio also video software - and work with the full line of Avid Artist and Pro series consoles/controllers. With Pro Tools, you can be a composer, recording engineer, and edit and mix the way you want with more affability than ever.

Add. Info: AudioUTOPiA's Pro Tools release gives you flexibility like no other release:

* no drivers needed for stock plugins and release

* startup performance and project load today much much faster

* load any AAX you like, original or patched

* load any VST you like in combination with R2R's TransVST release and

AudioUTOPiA's special post process fix tool

* Mp3 Exports

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