Muze Andromeda Aquamarine FOR ( KONTAKT )


Muze Aquamarine Full
is completely useful and the solitary distinction is that "lone" we have 144 sound sources contrasted with 2700 of the full form, notwithstanding the size, 13.2 Gb of the Freeform per 100Gb of the full form ... the rest, we have similar components, Muze Blower, Muze EQ and Reverb, Muze Scene, Muze Equalizer, Muze Rack, Muze Blender.

  • Adaptable UI. 
  • In excess of 2400 patches (previews) 
  • There are an aggregate of 2700 source sounds 
  • Four layers to blend 2 to 144 sounds all the while 
  • 37108 Examples (compacted). 
  • 102 GB plate size 
  • Muze Andromeda: 
  • 47 GB library size and more than 9,000 examples 
  • 600 presets (previews): cushions, surfaces, synths, and the sky is the limit from there 
  • 30 implicit impacts: blower, reverb, limiter, and the sky is the limit from there 
  • Custom UIs 
  • Tested with simple and computerized gear


    Direct Download

Muze Andromeda for Aquamarine KONTAKT (47.76 Gb)

  • To download this page you need a Torrent client, there are many available, both for Windows and MacOSX, here are some of the best clients ... once one of the programs is installed, the Torrent links open automatically.

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