Modern Scoring Brass by Audiobro

Modern Scoring Brass
Modern Scoring Brass features a premium multi-instrumental library with a 30-piece brass orchestra that was meticulously constructed one recording musician at a time on the tried-and-true orchestral tone studio stage.
 As a result, you can construct your own sections using the instruments and sizes that best suit your production. Our cutting-edge Orchestral Engine powers the library.

We are pleased to report: Modern Scoring Brass, based on our brand-new orchestral engine, sets a new standard for orchestral and scoring brass for contemporary scoring.

This thirty-piece multi-instrument division library was meticulously created by recording multiple players one at a time on a reputable scoring stage. As a result, you will have unparalleled personal control over each instrument and section. I picked a few instruments to give your creations a wide range of colors and emotions.

I have repeatedly inquired about the brass library's release date ever since LA Scoring Strings was released in 2009. We've always said that we wouldn't do it until we thought we could improve the versatility and quality of brass sampling. We are aware that sample library developers frequently use the term "next-generation," but we believe you will agree with us in this case.

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