Mastering Equalizer - Sonoris RTAS,VST3,VST,AAX, AU WIN.OSX x86 x64

Mastering Equalizer

 Description: Sonoris Mastering Equalizer (SMEQ) is a parametric equalizer in VST, AU, AAX, and RTAS formats for Windows and Mac. It has a selectable linear phase or minimum phase load for each range. I intend the plugin We intend the plugin for mixing and especially for mastering, has 7 bands, includes low-pass, high-pass, peaking, and shelving filters.

SMEQ can enhance or correct hard material like vocal or instrumental soloists and bands, orchestral recordings, and complex mixes without introducing unwanted coloration. SMEQ's linear phase implementation provides a transparent character and simply boosts or cuts the frequency range without adding "sound". It does not change the picture and depth of the original sound. Thus, you can boost or cut with a conventional equalizer with none of these negative side effects.

It based the linear phase algorithm SMEQ on a technique called back-forward filtering, which has not yet been implemented on some expensive high-end EQs. The primary advantage of this method is that I can use IIR filters instead of FIR filters, they usually found the latter in linear phase implementations. I knew IIR filters for their more analog kind of filtering and are also more efficient than FIR filters. The filters used in SMEQ are virtually the same as in the Sonoris EQ and also have the correct gain up to Nyquist.

They can create each group to handle stereo, L, R, or (M) id and (S) wide channels. Processing middle or additional information can be very helpful in certain situations. In mastering, for example, it allows you to boost centered vocals while leaving other instruments intact. Or to the center of the bass without losing the stereo image of everyone else. Change is easy because SMEQ allows the monitoring of LR or MS channels.

The plugin has a large graphic display that shows exactly what you are getting. We can resize the plugin to your liking by dragging the bottom right corner.

Sonoris Mastering Equalizer has automatic as well as 2x, 4x, or 8x manual up-sampling modes. As the frequency increases, the SMEQ has an even more accurate response, especially at higher frequencies.

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