Dorico 3.5 by Steinberg - x64

Dorico PRO

Interface language: Multilingual (Russian is present)
Developer: Steinberg Developer
Bit depth: 64bit
site: Steinberg
Version: 3.5
Tabletka: present
System requirements: 64-bit Windows 10, Intel or AMD dual-core CPU, 8 GB RAM recommended (4 GB minimum), 12 GB free storage space

Description: Steinberg has released a new package for musical notation - Dorico. According to the developer, it is the most flexible sheet music editor on the market.
Built from the ground up for today's multi-core 64-bit processors, Dorico takes full advantage of your system while intuitive workflows help you focus on every aspect of musical notation preparation. Dorico also lets you use your VST instruments and effects.
In particular, the package allows you to work in an open (arbitrary) size, freely rearrange bar lines and at the same time keep the rhythmic purity of the recording.

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