pic Cubase 5 AiR !!!

+ Steinberg Cubase v5.1 Dongle Emulator FIX ONLY-AiRISO

!!! Steinberg Cubase v5.1.1 UPDATE-AiR !!!

MAC, Logic, FL, Studio One, OS X, Windows 7, Linux, philosophical questions, etc. go to discuss in the relevant forum topics !!!


Information: CUBASE 5 !!! What more extra I can say? Cubase 5 is a powerful, feature-rich, expert-grade digital virtual studio. An ideal machine for musicians, composers, and producers. Cubase 5 has all the tools for making music. The Audio Editor / MIDI Sequencer in Cubase 5 gives you complete freedom of action and flexibility in customization. For yourself in Cubase 5, you can customize if not everything, then almost everything. Steinberg's cutting-edge technology gives you unlimited creative possibilities. The newest editor for drum parts and loops. VariAudio vocal editor. Powerful mixer and much more! The disk image includes- Cubase 5 itself, content for HalionOne, demo projects, and videos. This is a complete, non-repackaged disk image.


  •  takes place in a semi-automatic mode, you only need to mount the disk image into a virtual drive or burn it to a disc. Open the disk and run the Setup.exe file and then follow the instructions of the installer. Then you need to install Steinberg Cubase v5.1 Dongle Emulator FIX which is in the distribution, in a separate folder. Then install Steinberg Cubase v5.1.1 Update. This update is in another distribution, the link to which is above. It is not necessary to install the 5.1.1 update, but it is highly desirable as it fixes a lot of things!

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