Tone Empire : LOC-NESS V2 v1.1.3 VST, AAX, AU WIN MAC


Year/Date of Release: 03.2021 

Form : V2 v1.1.2 

Designer : Tone Empire 

Designer site : Tone Empire 

Arrangement : VST3, AAX, AU 

Spot profundity : 64bit 

Tabletka: present R2R \ macintosh required. emulator 

Framework necessities: PC/MAC: Windows 10 or later *. /OSX 10.13 or later (M1 Supported) 

Intel i3/AMD Ryzen or same 

2 GB RAM/300 MB HD 

Screen goal: 1024 × 768 

Portrayal: Virtual impact processor for drum tracks. 

Drums ... are the main piece of your blend that can make or jumble up a track. For quite a long time, engineers have utilized different blends of blowers, preamps, EQs, and saturators to feature various styles of sounds. Log-Ness isn't only a blower or EQ - it's a baffling module that brings all the essential drum controls and sound tones to your workstation. 

This is a module for handling singular drum components and the whole drum transport and comprises of a few modules: 

Covering : (Saturation)/Input Gain: 

Increment the immersion level (tone shading) with this control. Select the immersion type for modes 1 to 4. 

Crush: (Limiter)/Input Gain: 

The breaking points the sign firmly, picking a greater amount of this impact. The sign streams from Crust to Smash in a consecutive way. This preparation is like the 1176 "All Buttons In" "crush" mode, yet smoother. 

Channels + MIX + TRIM : Low and high pass channels permit you to isolate the frequencies you need to measure and leave the remainder of the sign flawless. Outside and crush will just work in this particular reach. Singular WET and DRY controls take into consideration exact blending of prepared and dry signs. The stage button alters the stage between such signals. Fix the harmony between the prepared and crude expert blend in with TRIM.

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