Steinberg – BackBone (VSTi3, AAX, AUi) [win+os x64]


Year/Date of Issue: 02.2021 


Engineer: Steinberg 

Engineer site: steinberg 

Configuration: VSTi3, AAX, AUi 

Touch profundity: 64bit 

Tabletka: present | VR 

Framework prerequisites: Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 8.1 (64-digit) | VST3, AAX | 1920 x 1080 

macOS Mojave, macOS Catalina 

Depiction: Make drums through a combination of tests and amalgamation. Steinberg Spine will make remarkable drum sounds through resynthesis. Steinberg has delivered the Steinberg Spine percussion instrument. As indicated by the engineers, the new module vows to work on the way toward making extraordinary layered drum sounds because of tests and resynthesis.

Working with a drum sound starts with importing a sample. After downloading the file, the user can perform spectral resynthesis of the original signal to create a new sound. The Backbone supports up to eight samples per sound, resulting in unusual and unique signals. Each layer can be processed in the effects and filters section.

With the help of the decomposition tool, users can combine separate parts of samples, independently control the attack and other parameters of each layer. Steinberg notes that Backbone does not limit the user in processing: you can adjust the filtering, height, decay time of the signal, as well as the features of its amplification. At the end of the signal flow are two effect stacks for post-processing the sample.

Steinberg Backbone offers a single window interface – all controls are collected in a single window, making it easy to work with. According to one of the creators of the product Florian Haack, the main challenge that the developers set for Backbone was the ease of creating and manipulating sound. It was this approach that led to the possibility of creating your own sounds based on combining samples and synthesis.

New in version :

Improvements Mac Compatible with macOS Big Sur on Intel Systems Feature Content Added 250 new Instruments with Backbone Content 1.1 Feature UI HiDPI: Backbone now supports Windows display scaling factors in 25% steps Feature Import / Export Added option to automatically export the last played note Feature Import / Export Added drag and drop export for layers Feature Sample Editor Added a sample gain offset parameter. It shows the gain increase after normalizing a sample and can be changed manually Feature Sample Editor Added simultaneous editing of sample start and end marker (loop start and end) by dragging the range between the two marker flags BCK-1345 Content Selector Added missing icon for user presets in subpreset loaders BCK-1342 Sample Editor When replacing samples the analyzed pitch will no longer be automatically transferred to the root key BCK-1337 Noise Model Removed artefacts near the sample end marker in the noise model


BCK -1332/33

General Improved stereo correlation

BCK-1342 Sample Editor When replacing samples the analyzed pitch will no longer be automatically transferred to the root key BCK-1327 Mediabay Fixed temporary double-appearance of presets in the Mediabay when overwriting existing presets BCK-1302 General Fixed issue where closing and reopening the UI reset the tune offset of the pitch analysis BCK-1271 General / FX Fixed controls on the small distortion editor view.

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