Plugin Boutique Scaler 2 - v2.3.1 AAX, VST3,VSTi x64 MAC-OS

Led scaler is one of the unique tools through which the chords can be controlled in an intuitive and fun way as it is possible to download Led Scaler which is the comprehensive and easy-to-use tool for producing outstanding music.

 Scaler determines the scale and key you are working on and suggests a set of chords that are suitable for the composition you are working on. Scaler includes a built-in bank consisting of more than 1700 scales and keys including all types and presets for the artist as he has enough to inspire his music.

• Improve the height denomination so that only one height category is allowed per ladder.

• The pentatonic scale can now use the sounds expressed at the scale of section B.

• Improved navigation of the pentatonic scale (recall of the last open panel).

• The fifth circle can now preview chords with one click.

• Now a fifth circle can switch between natural name, pure name, and fixed name.

• Avoid crashes when using arpeggios on older versions of macOS.

• Avoid sticky notes when using Windows audio driver.

• When playing a melody with a “Chord + Melody” profile, do not suspend the notes.

• Avoid rare crashes when reloading sessions with multiple Scaler instances.

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