Muze - PA Hercules (KONTAKT)



- 55 Exemplary Piano and Half and half Sounds 

- 12982 Steinway O and Addon Tests 

- 10 mics for complete sound control 


- 24BIT/48KHZ Quality 

- Over 20.8 GB Content 

- Recorded With Simple Stuff 


- NI Kontakt 5.8 Configuration And higher 

- With NCW Lossless Packed Examples 

- Full-Form Required 


- 20.81 GB (Lossless pressure) library size, 12982 examples 

- 30 Implicit Impacts: Blower, Deferrals, Reverb, Limiter, Bureau, Gainer, Rotator, Sound system Panner, Skreamer, Mutilation, Arpeggiator, 3 and 5-Band EQ, and more 

- Full arrangement of impacts in the settings for absolute customization 

- 55 Sources: Steinway O Terrific piano, Hoards, Keys, Guitars, Hammers, Ringers, E Pianos and more 

- Incredible Layering Motor with Sound Program and Fx 

- Tested with Simple and Computerized hardware 

Kontakt motor highlights: 

- Custom Client Interface 

- Packed 24Bit/48KHz Examples 

- Adjusted three-band EQ for each channel 

- An adaptable UI that permits you to control all parts of the sound and fx (layering, transforming, mixing a wide range of sounds with one another) 

- Principle preset has 55 layers (blending in with faders and XY cushion) with the capacity to blend from 2 to 55 

sounds all the while 

- Worked In Sources menu with 45 extra Sounds

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