Cinesamples - CineBrass Descant Horn v1.1 (KONTAKT)

Description: Extension for metal instruments. The ideal supplement to CineBass Center and Professional, Cinebrass Remark Horn extends the reach for the horn area. Star Horn Players regularly haul this instrument out for delicate higher passes, and it's incredible for taking off performances. Like Cinebrass Center and Expert, Cinebrass Remark Horn was recorded at the incredible MGM assembly room at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles. 

This variant requires NI Kontakt Player or Kontakt FULL v5.8.1 and more up to date!

What is the Remark Horn? 

The Remark Horn and French Horn have comparable construction. The Comment Horn doesn't have the low F side of a customary horn, yet it has the high F side. In particular, the cylinders are just 6 feet in length instead of 12 feet in length as on a standard French horn. In this way, the consonant arrangement is counterbalanced by an octave over the ordinary F2 on a standard horn. 

What is the reach contrast between the Comment Horn and French Horn? 

The scopes of the horns are fundamentally something similar, although you can stretch out the Comment Horn to An or Stomach muscle instead of halting at an F on a standard horn. In this way, albeit the Remark Horn doesn't really go higher, the tone of the greater register is counterbalanced by an octave permitting greater deftness in the upper register. 

What is special about this Comment Horn? 

The horn we examined is a double bore Bb/High F. Thusly, moving between the drag for the Bb side to the high F is sonically consistent. The distinction in size between the Comment Horn we inspected and other single bore Remark Horns is generous, representing the twofold bore. It additionally permits the entertainer expanded spryness while exchanging between the sides. 

Consequently, a solitary bore Comment Horn doesn't sound as great as a twofold bore from about center C down. Indeed, even center C to a high C above center C would sound more shallow and it wouldn't have the rich regal sound of the double bore Comment Horn. 

How does the Remark Horn sound contrast with a French Horn? 

The upper register is more grating on a normal horn, while the upper register sounds simpler and lighter on the Comment Horn. A similarity would be the examination between a standard trumpet versus a piccolo trumpet. Since the two instruments have essentially a similar reach, the greatest contrast is in the upper register. The piccolo trumpet has a less offensive sound than a conventional trumpet. 

Additionally, the Remark Horn won't be very as profound - it's somewhat more shallow and fragile contrasted with the Low F of a French horn. However, in a perfect world, you wouldn't utilize a Comment Horn for its lower register since that is not its sweet spot. 

What is the upside of the Comment Horn for the player? 

At the point when a section is excessively high and needed to be delicate and fragile, the player can change to the Comment Horn to arrive at those pitches all the more effectively without beating so hard. From a player's point of view, it makes upper register entries a lot simpler to play and substantially more precise. 

What is the upside of the Comment Horn for the writer? 

Writers can accomplish a more prominent measure of delicacy and exactness in the upper register of the Remark Horn. Obviously, if an author is searching for a super-amazing high register sound, that would be more qualified for a customary French horn. In any case, for fragile performances, particularly over strings and woodwinds, utilizing the comment horn is extremely helpful.

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