Waverunner Audio Alder Cello KONTAKT


An independent cello library enlivened by the sea, its numerous temperaments, and the magnificence of the shore off the bank of Ireland where Hometree live, once again introducing bio-variety to desolate grounds. Focusing on profoundly expressive, reminiscent and special playing strategies, 'low tide' addresses the flowing developments of the sea, 'bristeacha' the vulnerability and unrest and numerous mind-sets of waters. Performed by cellist Lidia Alonso and recorded by Adaq Khan in Soho, London. Depicted as a 'pearl' by the individuals who have utilized it up until this point, investigate expressive, moving and rousing cello surfaces with the Alder Cello. For each deal, we plant a tree.


– x2 microphone options
– 1 (mono) rode NTR
– 2 (stereo) rode n55 matched pair
– Built for full version Kontakt 5.8.1 +
– 1.2 gb installed
– 10 articulations
– reverb, delay, tape and stereo controls
– perfectly compliments the Alder Violin


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