Synapse Audio DUNE 3.2.0 - MAC

DUNE 3.2.0 WIN and Macintosh 

Size WIN/OSX || 354/470 Mb 

Hill 3.2 expands on the honor-winning Rise 2 synthesizer, adding often mentioned highlights and imaginative thoughts, to make the best Rise experience ever! 

Ridge 3.2 accompanies numerous new fixes made by master sound originators. Since Rise 3 is completely fix viable with Ridge 2, it incorporates its presets too, 

multiplying the manufacturing plant library size to in excess of 1000 patches. 

New ground-breaking highlights 

Double channel: 

The modified channel segment in Ridge 3.2 presently sports a double multimode channel in addition to a supplement impact. Distinctive directing modes like sequential/equal and consistent mix through the Equilibrium handle take into account limitless imaginative information! New channel types have been added too, and incorporate zero-defer input channels got from our most recent simple demonstration innovation. For inventive applications, new supplement impacts like the formant/vowel channel or phaser incredibly increment the scope of sound plan prospects. 

Double Arpeggiator: 

Two arpeggiator units rather than only one enormously increment the sound plan abilities of Hill 3.2. The Arpeggiators can be modified freely and backing both exemplary Up/Down arps, just as playing back various arrangements or even MIDI records. Besides, new highlights like the Irregular mode or programmable Arp Hold make the arpeggiator more remarkable than any time in recent memory! 

Improved oscillators: 

At the core of rising 3.2 are its ground-breaking oscillator blocks. Hill 3 backings VA, FM, and Wavetable combination. With a most extreme hold of 8320 oscillators at full polyphony, Ridge 3 is a genuine harmony beast, far-fetched to at any point run out of oscillators. 

New in Hill 3.2 is the "Multitude" mode, an advancement of the exemplary Supersaw oscillator. 

Every oscillator gets its own unobtrusive regulation in this mode, breathing significantly more life into the sound than conceivable already! 

New impacts calculation

Rise 3.2 offers numerous new impact calculations altogether classifications like Twisting, Chorale, Phaser, EQ, Postponement, and Reverb. 

Quite possibly the main increase is the new Equalizer, which sports innovation from our GQ-7 Realistic Equalizer rack augmentation. 

Planned as an expert blending and dominating equalizer, the new EQ offers four groups with excellent parametric and racking EQs, in addition to two extra low-and high cut channels with variable slants. All channels in the EQ are intended to deal with tweak without antiquities, to such an extent that the EQ can be utilized for inventive purposes outside the domain of customary EQ applications.

Wavetable Manager: 

The new Wavetable manager presented in Rising 3 is quite possibly the most remarkable around. Waveforms can be made through free-hand drawing, fragments, a committed incomplete proofreader, or by entering recipes. An assortment of capacities like transforming, blur in/out, standardize, DC eliminate, Modify/Turn around make making new wavetables a breeze. Waveforms and Wavetables can be imported and sent out in WAV design and are subsequently viable with a wide scope of outsider programming. 

Ridge 3.2 highlights synopsis 

•VA, Wavetable, and FM Combination 

•Two oscillator stacks with 32 oscillators each 

•Third oscillator and white/pink clamor generator 

•8x Harmony = up to 520 oscillators for every note! 

•Comprehensive Wavetable Supervisor 

•Full rendition accompanies 1000 patches 

•Patch-viable with Hill 2 

•Dual channel with Equilibrium and sequential/equal steering 

•Analog-displayed zero-postpone criticism channels 

•Four graphical envelopes (MSEG)

•Three low-recurrence oscillators (LFO) 

•Modulation grid for synth and FX boundaries 

•Two Expert FX transports with 9 great impacts each 

•Dual Arpeggiator with MIDI import 

Rise v3.2 Update 

We have refreshed Rise 3 to adaptation 3.2. This update contains a whole revamp of the UI system, which is currently more responsive and completely underpins high-goal Retina screens on the Macintosh. Another expansion is the new white skin, which comes in different sizes and can be utilized as an option in contrast to the default brown complexion. 

Further changes include: 

– New reverb impact, "Show Corridor". 

– New mutilation impact, "Screamer", a step box copying. 

– Right-click on a handle permits to set up balances immediately. 

– Lower memory use when various occasions are open. 

– NKS content from Rising 2 currently included. 

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