Musical Sampling Boutique Drums Penny KONTAKT


Penny is the third delivery in our Boutique Drums Series and ostensibly the most vibey and flexible up to this point. 

We at first looked to make a pack that gave recognition to the more tight stone drum blends advocated in the 60's and 70's. We covered the toms and catch with material to hose the rot/ring-out and joined some vintage mics utilized in that period close by our cutting edge cluster of amplifiers and stuff. 

Subsequent to curating a pack for certain lovely and uncommon custom pieces, widely inspecting each drum, blending the snot out of it and programming Penny perfectly – what we end up with is an instrument that suits definitely more melodic settings than we at first envisioned. Pretty cool stuff. 

Unsurprisingly, we joined our reiteration examining procedures for sensible progressive notes with the howdy caps and toms and six distinctive howdy cap groove expresses that you can undoubtedly crossfade between for most extreme articulation. 

What's Included: 

– Full drum unit curated by Brian Scoggin (Casting Crowns) 

– Kick, catch, cross stick, phantom catch roll, rimshot, three toms, ride (with crash), ride chime, two accidents, hihats, matched up live hihat grooves (three recorded beats – 90/120/140 BPM) 


– Simple and instinctive blend interface 

– Eight exchangeable "prepared in" blend presets 

– Repetition inspecting for all hey caps/toms 

– Live eighth-note greetings cap grooves recorded at 90/120/140 BPM that sync to your DAW's rhythm 

– Crossfadeable hey cap grooves (blurs between five distinctive greetings cap states; from tight to all-open) 

– Groove Speed control (Half/Normal/Double) 

– Adjustable Humanization highlight (Off/Tight/Natural/Loose) 

– Assignable Kontakt yields for each drum gathering 


– 7,2 GB compacted NCW design 

– Recorded in 48khz/24bit 

– NOT viable with Free Kontakt Player! 

Requires NI Kontakt FULL v5.8.1 or higher!

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