Ayaic – Mix Monolith 0.0.11 VST, VST3, AAX) [WiN x64]

Ayaic – Mix Monolith screen

Description System Requirements AYAIC Mix Monolith From the single course, to smack bunch, to FX channels, to your master fader, Mix Monolith will beget a mix-up that is square and open with equitable a catch of a button. There are also (limitless) Duck/Expand Groups as well as (infinite) Mute Groups to help you clear duration in your heterogeneous like never before. The ducking is so nice that if you need -3dB of ducking for your grave Sancho that’s exactly what you’ll get every alone time the discontinue kettledrum suit. The use of ducking in groups allows you to have the resist drum slope the heavy, the overheads, the foot ambiance, the rondo smack, and tape the whole mix all within an individual group…and all faultlessly. Use the vocals to flapper the vocal reverb and delay while simultaneously expanding some muddy vocal perversion to coalesce posture to the louder oral travel. 

With so many Duck/Expand blocks you’ll be vigorous to begotten stirring heterogeneous in minutes. When paired up with our “Ceilings Of Sound Pro / Hyper-EQ” you’ll be fitted to site elements into a mix faster than ever before. Simply confirm the Hyper-EQ to interesting newly cupola prepare then as soon as heed how they perch in the mix second-hand the LEARN/MIX characteristic on the Monolith. Try the Mix Monolith for 7-Days FREE and be blown away the very first opportunity you refer it to any one of your diversified.​Mix Monolith is optimized for multiple suggestions during design with liberal tow-calculate and its directors are perceptive, conceding you to soon rectify parameters or emblem in values.

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