LUXONIX – Purity v1.2.4 (VST AU) [OSX Intel]

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Purity is a brand-new digital instrument workstation and PCM Sound Module/Rompler software.
  a synopsis of the attributes.

  16-part multiinstrument with GM support The channel link function enables patch layering.

  Utilize the tone and velocity range to divide the sound area.

  Support for normal and rhythmic MIDI sound and control

  There are two channels-specific modes: Melody and Drum.

  Incorporating audio level meters into the mixer in real time.

  mode that prioritizes patch organization.

  Buses for the main and sub-stereo outputs.

  Stereo send-return effect buses are reverb and chorus.

  The channels for copy, paste, and swap work.

  up to 1024 voices, 64 per channel, of polyphony in total.

  A novel drum and melody structure with up to 64 steps and five lanes is the built-in pattern sequencer.

  Rate the time option when you have a triplet.

  With the swing option, change the hourly rate.

  Preset Browser's background pattern lock function enables rapid patch switching during a live performance.

  Over 200 phrases and loops, as well as more than 1300 factory sound presets, are recognizable.

  Support for a keyboard for a computer.

  There are 24 distinct types of insert effects and filters.

  Compressors, distortion, and overdrive Stereo image, noise generator, and bit crusher

  Phaser, chorus, wah-wah, autopan, and tremolo are all examples of flangers.

  Simple-to-use editing panel for complete modification with ergonomic layout and placement.

  envelope with a print.

  MIDI console with 88 speed and position-delicate keys.

  Options for the global configuration of the system's resources include pitch bend and modulation on two wheels.

  a variety of options for finding the interface.

  Version most recent: 1.2.4 Designer: The Luxonix Platform PPC/Intel Universal must be configured as follows:

  A host application that is compatible with VST 2.0+ or AudioUnit 2 (AU2) Language: - Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger or later - a Mac running G4/G5 or Intel (Universal Binary) - 256 MB of RAM - 100 MB of free disk space Only medicine in English: Present


 1. installez LUXONIX.Purity v1.2.4, programme reg, (c le début de tout ira bien, puis les problèmes commencent),

 2. redémarrer le système

 3. réinstallez LUXONIX.Purity v1.2.4, et reg, après la deuxième fois devrait faire

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